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Ocean Rockets Raises the Bar
Sleek, fast and powerful, both the 70 foot and 50 foot Ocean Rocket  raises the bar for passenger powerboats bringing to fruition exciting groundbreaking design that merges with innovative sea going technology.

Ocean Rockets Stereo Sound SystemsOur Stereo Sound System Includes:

     - Calrion AM/FM/CD Player aux input & outputs
     - Water tight remote
     - Weather resistant CD player cover
     - 8 pairs Marine Pro-Series coaxial speakers 140 watts
     - 4 Clarion APX amplifiers
     - 2 Clarion 10 Marine subwoofers
     - Radio Design Labs public address system.

Ocean Rockets installs all components and hardware, including sound checks, sound level and frequency settings insuring outstanding performance.

For a complete set of specifications which includes details of the Hull, Paint, Graphics, Seating, Railings, Electrical and Plumbing, Stereo Sound Systems, Engines and all you want to know about our adventure power boats click here 

Why Buy An Ocean Rocket?

• Are you looking for a business venture?
• Do you have a waterfront location in mind?
• Can you see yourself owning power boats?

Ocean Rockets - The Experience Of A Lifetime.

John Yank III is a 2nd generation boat builder
call him for this exciting business opportunity.


What Are Ocean Rockets?

Ocean Rockets are speedy, passenger powerboats. An Ocean Rocket Power Boat will show vacationers and sight seers boatloads of fun. Sized to match your market needs.

Take advantage of your waterfront location by offering visitors the most thrilling boat ride of their life.

Sell adventure tours and entertaining boat rides of your scenic waterways, coastlines and cityscapes in one fun-filled boat experience.

Watch your vessel become a feature attraction in your community as visitors flock to board your Ocean Rocket, year after year.