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The Origins of Ocean Rockets


John Yank III of Ocean Rockets Adventure Power BoatsJohn C. Yank III, owner of Ocean Rockets, Inc. is a visionary boat builder. The Yank family has been building boats at Yank Marine in Tuckahoe, NJ since 1969. As a boy, John worked at his father's boat yard. It was here, he first came to know of the Flying Saucer, his inspiration for building on adventure.

The owner of the original Flying Saucer, Chris Montagna, offered speed boat rides to his restaurant patrons. The Flying Saucer, a converted PT boat out of Ocean City, NJ, would come in for work during the off-season. Young John would clean and scrape her bilge and hull and began to lay out his dream of building adventure powerboats. The original Flying Saucer stayed active for years.

John himself brought back the Flying Saucer to Ocean City, New Jersey, where he fine-tuned his action-packed formula for the ultimate thrill of a lifetime.

Building a Brighter Future

The Yank family has more than 50 years experience building boats, Ocean Rockets has been building adventure powerboats for over 18 years. In that time Ocean Rockets has become the premier builder of elite speedboats throughout the world. John has captured the essence of what every fun-seeking vacationer is looking for - a thrilling, entertaining and unforgettable experience. The excitement behind Yank's rebirth of a tradition to the Jersey Shore has inspired him to work tirelessly at setting the bar for the industry.

Ocean Rockets has 18 years experience in building adventure power boatsHis latest designs feature stealth bridges, optional jet engines, advanced audio entertainment systems, dramatic lighting, highly stylized graphics, an outstanding hull concept (tried & tested by the United States Coast Guard) and more. Options are a breeze to Ocean Rockets, since each boat is built from the ground up by his handpicked team of craftsmen. Every effort is taken to make each powerboat... the experience of a lifetime.

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Why Buy An Ocean Rocket?

• Are you looking for a business venture?
• Do you have a waterfront location in mind?
• Can you see yourself owning power boats?

Ocean Rockets - The Experience Of A Lifetime.

John Yank III is a 2nd generation boat builder
call him for this exciting business opportunity.


What Are Ocean Rockets?

Ocean Rockets are speedy, passenger powerboats. An Ocean Rocket Power Boat will show vacationers and sight seers boatloads of fun. Sized to match your market needs.

Take advantage of your waterfront location by offering visitors the most thrilling boat ride of their life.

Sell adventure tours and entertaining boat rides of your scenic waterways, coastlines and cityscapes in one fun-filled boat experience.

Watch your vessel become a feature attraction in your community as visitors flock to board your Ocean Rocket, year after year.